How to kickstart your business website with Weebly

If you are a prospective entrepreneur, the first thing you’ll need to do is create a base for your business. Most people will not have the background knowledge of web programming, and that’s where sites like Weebly come in.

Weebly is a web service that allows ordinary people to create websites using drag and drop features. By abstracting away the normal prerequisites of web programming, Weebly’s platform enables laymen to create their own beautiful websites with little to no knowledge or understanding of front-end or back-end programming. Thanks to Weebly, creating a business website is as simple as writing and designing your content on paper. Above its competitors, such as WordPress and Wix, Weebly is the first and one of the prime platforms for graphical website editing. Its website builder received PC Magazine’s Editor Choice Award in 2014 for being the top-rated site builder.

Drawing from the list of features Weebly offers, ( the Weebly Builder is by far its most iconic feature. To get started, simply register for a Weebly subdomain and you can jump right into uploading your content.

Your website can be as complicated as you’d like it to be, but for starters, make sure that you have three main pages: HomeAbout, and Contact. These three pages will be the foundations of your website.
The Home page allows you to draw your visitors into your website. A typical home page consists of a ‘hook’ to get the attention of the visitor and can have some information about what your website is about and the general premises of your business are.
The About page is where you share information about your business. Tell your visitors what your business offers, and also share a little bit about yourself, as a manager or owner of your company.
The Contact page is what allows your visitors to reach out to you if they have any inquiries or comments about your website/business. This is where visitors can use all your information and take initiative.
After you’ve created your three critical pages, you can also add a blog page, FAQmedia, and much more! If your website has gathered enough attention, you can convert it into a store front, which Weebly also offers for Pro members.
Weebly is the best place for new entrepreneurs to get started with their businesses. Once you begin to understand how the Internet works and how to navigate and customize your site, I would recommend you move to a more sophisticated and customizable platform such as WordPress.

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