How to use Images/Pictures on your Weebly

This tips on Images will help enhance your Weebly Blog. Adding and managing Images is simple. Websites vary content to create a more appealing look that breaks the monotony and appeals to how different users comprehend information. Images or Pictures allow for illustrative content that merges with other Media on your website to allow for visual users of the website to follow information being disseminated in the site you create. Images can also simply make a website look unique and aesthetically attractive by forming part of the layout.

There are many ways of utilizing Images/Pictures:

  • Uploading Images on your posts from the Weebly Library/Themes or computer.
  • The Images should have a caption or a title.
  • The Images can be editing by cropping, rotating or scaling them.
  • Images can be optimized by decreasing their size before inserting them so that they can be loaded faster.
  • Displaying Images in slideshow or gallery.
  • Finally, it’s recommendable to find free Media and Images.

The Image file types that are accepted: jpg/jpeg, gif and png.

It is recommendable that the file size does not exceed 1 GB. Big files usually take longer to upload!

Weebly’s drag drop format of website creation allows for easy manipulation of the website you create by allowing easy movement of images you would like to use all over the website. The templates on offer are also ideal for determining recommended positioning of Images and Pictures in addition to other forms of Media. Templates come with examples of Pictures based on the theme chosen which can give an idea on the kind of Images that work best on such an outline. Using the theme colors of your website, whether using a template or not, the Images you choose can create a cohesive outline that is simply just dragging and dropping away.

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